AdCure Bio is a pre-clinical stage cancer viro-immuno-therapy company, developing potent and safe immuno-stimulatory oncolytic viruses for therapy of solid tumors.

AdCure Bio is committed to bring patients new therapies for late-stage and disseminated metastatic cancers, refractory to existing treatment modalities.


Our proprietary platform adenovirus configuration is engineered to safely reach and destroy cancer cells and stimulate anti-tumor immunity within non-resectable and metastatic tumors after intravenous virus administration.

Unmet need for novel Therapeutics to cure cancer

Cancer figures among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer related deaths in 2012. Unfortunately, the number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades*.

Oncolytic virotherapy is a new modality for therapy of hematologic and solid cancers. As of 2018, oncolytic viruses are being evaluated in 112 clinical trials as novel anti-cancer therapeutics**. 

* WHO Cancer Statistics   http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs297/en/

** ClinicalTrials.gov

AdCure clinical program

AdCure Bio's clinical development program is focused on developing new viruses that can efficiently reach disseminated cancer cells via intravascular virus delivery.

Currently, our main focus is on lung cancer, the deadliest cancer type in the US, Europe, and Asia. The American Cancer Society estimates that in the US in 2018,  there will be 198,925 new cases and 130,942 deaths due to the non-small cell lung cancer, the most prevalent lung cancer type. 

AdCure Bio's lead product: AVID-317

The key technology platform of AdCure Bio is based on oncolytic adenovirus, a common cold virus, engineered to selectively infect and kill tumor cells and stimulate the patient's immune system to eliminate cancer cells from the body.

AdCure Bio’s one-of-a-kind Artificial Vectors for Intravascular Delivery - AVID platform - is ideal for simple intravascular administration because of its safety and unique property of escaping liver sequestration. These features make it suitable for the treatment of cancer patients with disseminated metastatic disease and non-resectable tumors, for whom no effective therapy is currently available.

AdCure BIo's pipeline

AdCure Bio's development program has been supported by over $10M of public and private funds

 Using its versatile AVID-317 platform allowing for a safe intravenous virus delivery, AdCure Bio continues to innovate and develop novel oncolytic adenovirus therapeutics to further increase virus potency resistance to pre-existing immunity, and stimulation of patient's own immune system to attack and eliminate cancer cells.  

Intellectual property

AdCure Bio owns unrestricted rights to its core oncolytic virus technology

U.S. Patent 9,982,276

Title: "Penton-mutated, integrin-retargeted adenovirus vectors with reduced toxicity and their use".

Issue date: May 29, 2018. Priority date: March, 12, 2015

This patent covers configuration of oncolytic adenoviruses targeted to liver cancers as well as virus variants for safe  therapeutic gene delivery to normal liver cells after intravenous virus administration.  

International Patent Application PCT/US2016/013765

Title: "Detargeted Adenovirus Variants and Related Methods".

Priority date: January, 20th, 2015

This international patent application entered into the national stage processing in the following states/regions:

USA - Application No. 15/537,392

European Union - Application No. 16740545.5

Japan - Application No. 2017-556782

This international patent application covers platform adenovirus configuration suitable for intravenous administration. This platform configuration is the foundation for all currently engineered oncolytic viruses.

New inventions

Invention: Synthetic adenovirus variants and their use. Invention disclosure assigned to AdCure 07/2018. PCT application in works.

This invention covers a new set of synthetic adenovirus vectors for intravascular delivery that are resistant to pre-existing immunity and amenable to a high-efficacy, industrial-scale production.

Invention: Therapeutic oncolytic adenoviruses expressing transgenes and their use. Invention disclosure assigned to AdCure 07/2018. PCT application in works.

This invention covers a new set of synthetic adenovirus vectors for intravascular delivery that attract anti-tumor immune cells, including T-cells, CAR-T- cells, and TILs, into tumor stroma to potentiate their anti-tumor activity.

adcure team

Henry Wyche

Chief Executive Officer

Dmitry M. Shayakhmetov, PhD

Co-Founder, Senior Vice-President, 

Chief Scientific Officer

Nelson C. Di Paolo, PhD

Co-Founder, Vice-President, 

Director of Toxicology and Preclinical Development

Angel A. Rivera, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

AdCure bio's partners

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Our intellectual property partner 

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Preclinical studies

Research services agreement-based proof-of-concept and mechanism of action tests of AdCure Bio's oncolytic viruses are conducted in state-of-the-art laboratories of Emory University 

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